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04 Nov 2010

The May Fair hotel team answer your questions 0  

Today we’re  finding the answers to all your most frequently asked questions – all very simple but absolutely essential. Carlos Jobe, in our May Fair reservations department was on hand to enlighten us – thanks Carlos! – What time can I check in / what time is check out? Check in is at 3.00pm and check out is…

13 Sep 2010

Duplex suites at The May Fair – Double the delight 0  

Luxury hotel suites at the May Fair in London Long stays and event spaces in the May Fair suites Double the height, double the style, the Duplex suites are a little hidden gem. Three personalities, interconnecting across the 7th floor, these suites are ideal for a longer stay with us or as a stunning event…

19 Aug 2010

Mini bars – essential item or 80’s throwback? 1  

Here at The May Fair we love style, so making our hotel rooms at the forefront of not only fashion but also eco-friendly business practise is at the heart of what we do. Speaking to in-house interior designer Michael Attenborough this week, we’ve hit a conundrum – mini bars. Mini bars in hotel rooms have…

12 Aug 2010

Allergy friendly rooms at The May Fair 1  

Staying in a beautiful hotel room is what we’re all about at The May Fair – luxurious crisp sheets, great service and generally making sure you’re having the time of your life. But if you have allergies, just thinking about it can start a sneezing fit. Fear not – we’d like to introduce the Allergy…

19 Jul 2010

Are you guilty? 1  

Here at The May Fair we love making our guests feel at home, feeling they can ask for anything, relax and be themselves…but sometimes we wonder what some people get up to at home, so come on admit it, are you guilty of some of these naughty goings on? 1. Graffiti – I WOZ ERE…