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16 Apr 2012

Guest Blog: Marathon Survival Guide by our Personal Trainer Stuart Green 0  

The dreaded Iliotibial Band. The ITB is a large thick band of connective tissue that links the pelvis to the knee. It adds some stability to the knee and hip when we stand on one leg, so pretty important in runners. Often the ITB can become tight when a runners glutes (Butt Muscle) do not…

01 Feb 2012

Guest blog: Get fit for Golf with Stuart Green, Personal Trainer 0  

Golf is an athletic event. This may┬ásound surprising but during the golf swing you can achieve up to 90% of peak force production. Put another way, each shot is equivalent to lifting a weight 4 times before complete fatigue. Now consider how often you strike a ball during a round of golf. Research by the…

16 Mar 2011

Fit tips from Personal Trainer Ben Kilner at The May Fair gym 0  

Ben is back this month to give you some fabulous tips for a body and mind in tip top condition. Thanks Ben! – How big should your waist be? Get a tape measure and put it around your body at the level of your belly button. That number should be less than half your height….

12 Jan 2011

Guest blog: Burn off those Christmas calories with Ben 0  

We promised you in December that he would be back! Resident Personal Trainer at The May Fair Ben Kilner will be joining us once a month from The May Fair gym with some fabulous health and fitness tips, advice and exercises to keep you looking tip top. Thanks Ben! Burn off those Christmas calories Tabata…