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27 Jul 2010

Making the perfect mojito 0  

The popular mojito never fails to impress – fresh, sweet and sharp all at the same time, it’s a definite summer favourite. Marios Elias, resident mixologist at the May Fair Bar, shares his secrets on how we make ours stand out from the crowd. Ingredients – unwaxed limes – English blackberries – fresh mint –…

23 Jul 2010

Planning your bar mitzvah 0  

Planning your bar or bat mitzvah can be a daunting task – from your outfit to the venue, the menu and the music. Well we’re here to help! Patrick Katzenberg has been giving us some top tips this week on making your bar mitzvah not just the party of the year but one that you’ll…

22 Jul 2010

Suite life on the 7th floor 0  

Our suites are infamous for their design – from the hot pink Schiaparelli to the cool calm Penthouse, here at The May Fair we love being at the forefront of design. But what about staying in a suite? If you ever wondered how we The out but squeezing. It but have cialis uk supplier ill…

19 Jul 2010

Are you guilty? 1  

Here at The May Fair we love making our guests feel at home, feeling they can ask for anything, relax and be themselves…but sometimes we wonder what some people get up to at home, so come on admit it, are you guilty of some of these naughty goings on? 1. Graffiti – I WOZ ERE…

15 Jul 2010

Filming at The May Fair hotel 0  

It’s common knowledge that The May Fair is a hub for all things celebrity and barely a day goes by when we don’t see some of our favourite stars in the lobby. But some of the most famous – and random – scenes have been filmed in and around our hotel. The May Fair team…

14 Jul 2010

Summer in the city with 0  

This order cialis online reviews week we’d like to welcome the fabulous Anthony from as he shares his top tips on what to do in London during buy phentermine online us pharmacy this sweltering heat. Thanks Anthony! reviews of canada pharmacy online As the summer is finally here I thought I’d share with you…

14 Jul 2010

Biodroga treatments at The May Fair Spa 0  

Ever wished that come summer you could whip out your favourite bikini and feel # # viagra side effects blocked nose # # tadalafil citrate as confident as a supermodel walking down the catwalk? We know. Don’t worry ladies, The May Fair Spa was on hand this week to share with us…

13 Jul 2010

Hosting the perfect dinner party 0  

Dinner parties at home are the perfect way to impress with your cooking skills – but what about setting the table? Usually left to the last minute, setting a pristine dining table is becoming a dying art but one of the easiest ways to make a big impact. Stephen Botha, food and beverage manager at…

13 Jul 2010

The aromas of May Fair 0  

12 Jul 2010

Welcome to The May Fair blog! 0  

The May Fair Hotel is unique in its style, its history and its personality. It’s connected, edgy, beautiful, striking, chic and cool. The modern guest does not want an identikit hotel and that is why the May Fair Hotel is its own breed of 5* for a new generation of luxury. Mayfair, as a neighbourhood, has been…