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31 Oct 2014

A Ghostly Tale of Haunted Mayfair 0  

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Happy Halloween! Despite being one of London’s most desirable areas, Mayfair also has its fair share of ghost stories and so-called haunted houses, with one just around the corner from The May Fair!

An antiquarian book dealership since the 1930s, the townhouse that stands at number 50 Berkley Square is reportedly London’s most haunted building. There have long been reports of more sinister happenings, and its reputation was once so fearsome that few would dare walk past at night.

Once home to former Prime Minister George Canning, no one knows quite how the tales began, but reports speak of ghostly figures at the windows, suicidal women and jilted lovers. The attic room of the house is reported to be the most haunted, with two stories in particular continuing to prevail.

In his book, Haunted Houses, author Charles Harper describes a man so sceptical that he resolved to spend the night in the attic. He kept a bell by his bedside, but instructed the rest of the house that if he rang it once then he was probably just nervous , but if he rang twice they should come. Everything was quite to begin with, but just after midnight there was one ring on the bell, which the household ignored as per his instructions. Suddenly the bell rang again and did not stop.  Rushing to his room, they found the man in convulsions of sheer terror, unable to describe what he had seen. Harper writes that the man died shortly after, most likely out of fear.

There is a second tale, of two sailors, who again decided to spend the night in the attic room. Come the morning one of the sailors was found cowering in fear in the basement, or, depending on which report you believe, impaled on the railings outside.

But don’t worry, since the 1930s reports of ghoulish goings-on at 50 Berkley Square have dried up.  And they’re probably all nonsense, right? Right?!

If you’re brave enough to talk a walk around Mayfair this Halloween, then make sure you join us in our bar for some Dutch courage first. Or perhaps to settle your nerves afterwards!

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Posted in History, London Reporter, News & events, Nightlife

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