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03 Feb 2014


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The May Fair is excited to be hosting innovative and bold international fashion designers, VIN + OMI, as part of London Fashion Week AW14 on Saturday 15th February 2014.

Recently signed to the Fashion Innovation Agency, the pair are returning to London Fashion Week to showcase their new ready to wear collection entitled CONCEPTUAL. In this new collection, VIN + OMI are returning to their style roots, handling the garments and materials in a deconstructed couture manner, whilst also experimenting with new inspiration including creative references from Dali’s Burning Giraffe and Fellini’s Roma. With celebrity followers including Michelle Obama to Pamela Anderson, VIN + OMI are known for creating unique styles for each new collection drawing on a diverse range of creative inspiration without trying to conform to expectations of a signature style – this approach makes them one of the most exciting design teams you’ll see at London Fashion Week.

Vin + Omi

In the lead up to this unique London Fashion Week event, VIN + OMI will be posting a daily guest blog for The May Fair, so check back daily for their latest updates, or follow us on twitter @TheMayFairHotel


Guest Fashion Blog from VIN + OMI

We are thrilled to be working with the May Fair Hotel a relationship brokered by our wonderful agents the Fashion Innovation Agency. The May Fair have been amazing in their approach, giving us the opportunity and freedom to show our first solo London collection in the great setting of the Crystal Room.

Day 12 pt 2


Finally it happens it took over 70 additional people to make this 15 minutes work ! Thank you May

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Fair for making it happen and the wonderful Judith, Hannah, Ioanna, Tania and April for holding things together.

Vin+Omi Fashion

Vin+Omi Show

Vin+Omi Day 12

A full video and detailed pics of all the clothes will be on our website soon.



Day 12 – Show Day!


Walking rehearsals are currently going on under this amazing chandelier at the hotel room hosting our catwalk show.

Vin+Omi Day 12

Day 11


We’ve arrived ! We’re at the wonderful May Fair Hotel having a great breakfast. That 10 minutes of relax time before the intensity starts.

Vin+Omi Day 11

Day 10


Today we are packing the cars to leave from the Cotswolds. There is the usual last minute buttonholing and trimming before fitting day tomorrow in London, where 30 or so models will be trying the clothes on while we work out who suits what best.
Of course, in perfect fashion week style the day was dramatic with a stream of last minute side issues – which are all part of putting together a show. The best way to unwind after such an intense day is ……dog walking.

Dog Walking with Vin + Omi

Day 9


Boxes arrived this morning – one of our wonderful product sponsors Sun Chlorella sent us some bags to put the ‘goodies ‘ in ( and packs of tablets to put in the bags ) . We’ve both taken Sun Chlorella tablets for a long time and its really given us a great energy boost. So its extra special to get support from a company we like. And especially important to have something as healthy as Sun Chlorella to combat another one of our passions …the exciting Tattooed Bakers.They make the most incredible artistic cakes and will be providing us with customised Vin and Omi cakes for the day to feed all the models and of course the designers ( models eat cake right? )

Vin + Omi Day 9

Day 8


Pattern day – Now the collection is coming together we look at all what we’ve made, sit back and decide if the collection needs any more garments made. The collection isn’t finished until ……’s finshed. We are well known for making last minute decisions and designing right up to the last minute. As a design duo, we always discuss everything related to design together, sometimes we disagree but more often than totally agree on designs and concepts. Here’s Omi getting stuck into pattern cutting and deep thought, while listening to our catwalk music – to set the mood !

Vin+Omi Day 8

Day 7


Our inspiration for this show has come from a variety of sources. The way we work is to note down inspiring things as we see them in our notebooks over the years. Then we choose the ones we both like the most and go on to create a ‘mood board’ where we link fabrics and sketches to the themes.

This years themes are from Salvador Dali’s Burning Giraffe painting, and a scene from a film called Roma by powerful director Fredrico Fellini. This is mixed in with another strong theme that is relevant to our current lives- which we will reveal at the show. The show will be quite intense, which reflects our current thinking.

Vin+Omi conceptual

We then take this intensity and make the garments wearable and accessible. So hints of the themes will be seen throughout the collection




Today was nails day – the lovely Liza Smith has joined us to discuss what nails the models would have. Liza is one of the most respected Nail Stylist’s in the country. Salon owner of 26 years, the award winning Stylist has an impressive portfolio scanning over 10 years in the fashion world and in the last few seasons has worked with brands such as Tom Ford, Temperley, Antipodium, Gucci and most recently in Paris, Ralph and Russo.

LFW minx shaded grey
Liza’s roots lay in

punk and ska, and along the way her passion for science has culminated in a career that has seen her push the boundaries of the Nail industry.“We have fired some radical ideas at Liza and she’s bounced back with excitement. We are on the same page ! The models will be tested with the nails by Liza and her team later in the week. We can’t wait to see the final result and how it works with the clothes. For this show we will be testing some BOLD nail looks !”


Day 5


Today we were discussing make up for the shoot with top Make Up Artist, Georgina Graham. Georgina is one of the best make up artists in the business and we are very pleased to be working with her. She is also able to work with any extreme ideas we have! She is an international makeup artist working in fashion and beauty for editorial, campaign, advertising & high profile red carpet.

Designers book Make Up Artists ( MUA’S) through their agents and Georgina has a great agent Angleo at Management + Artists who organises everything. It’s been great working with them both. They have brought in the top make up company MAC who are sponsoring us with a make up team and products which certainly takes away a lot of pressure.

So the day has been taken up briefing Georgina on our concept and using her great experience to mold it into a workable project. Can’t wait to see the make up tests on the 13th!

Here is some of Georgina’s great work.

Georgina Graham Make Up

Day 4


Vin + Omi Team at work

All hands to the deck today. Our Assistant Designer Freya worked her fingers to the bone and we had an extra special visit from musician extraordinaire Feral is Kinky who came in to lend a hand. Her energy is amazing.


The long day finished off in a brilliant way with Icon Debbie Harry from Blondie wearing one of our dresses from our Chrome collection. She wore it at last night’s Amnesty International concert in NYC. Its ALWAYS a good feeling when millions of people see you work and even more humbling when it is on such a beautiful woman and for such a good cause

See you tomorrow


Day 3



As designers we like working with people that understand our vision and work with us to achieve that. Our lovely Make Up Artist Georgina Graham introduced us to the perfect Hair Artist Tracey Cohoon Tracey is not your average hair person she is a true free thinking artist who also works on film projects,

As you will see when our show is revealed we pitched a very unconventional approach to the hair for our show models and Tracey got it straight away. That’s exactly the sort of person we want to work with. Check out her work on

She has worked with an extraordinary range of clients from Amy Winehouse to Adidas. We are very lucky to be working with her.

Day 2

Vin & Omi Day 2

Today is latex day! Our dedicated team have been painstakingly hand making latex ribbing for one of our garments. We started working with latex around 10 years ago. We always try and slip a bit of it into our collections. If looked after latex can be worn everyday and as easily as any fabric garment and it doesn’t have to be skin tight. We often make loose fitting latex garments. The extra effort in gluing and preparing the fabrics is always worth it for the extra wow factor it produces on the catwalk.

Day 1

Vin & Omi LFW Day 1

We are blogging from one of our studios in a very rural Cotswold setting. We are surrounded by flood water and almost need a boat to get between our workshops. Today we are experimenting with chemical treatments to fabrics to try and get the finish we require for one of the looks. Part of our process is to experiment and push the boundaries of what the fabric can do. We make sure we take the masks off when we go to the bank !
We have 12 days to go and a lot of work still to do. Our wonderful team have been really supportive, we will introduce them as the days roll on.

See you tomorrow


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