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17 Jan 2014


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For those of you that have had Murad facials at the May Fair Spa, you may already know that Murad skincare is created by Dr. Howard Murad, a world-renowned dermatologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA.

Dr Murad products are used at The May Fair Spa

A true pioneer, he developed his Inclusive Health philosophy as an ultimate system of care that improves not only skin health, but whole body health too. Living an Inclusive Health lifestyle is a perfect way to help you keep that 2014 New Year’s resolution to be healthier and happier! Read on to find out how…

A Dr Murad facial is a great way to start the new year

What is Inclusive Health?
Inclusive Health is a 3-faceted approach to help you look and feel your absolute best. The three key elements are: Looking Better through high performance topical care; Living Better through nutritional care, dietary supplements and exercise and Feeling Better through strategies for finding passion and managing daily stress. Need more detail? Then here it is:

LOOKING BETTER THROUGH TOPICAL CARE is the facet that focuses on skin, the body’s largest organ and first line of defence. Topical care includes everything you put on your skin, for example facials and skin care regimes. Murad’s products support and enhance the skin’s barrier function to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration while encouraging healthy cell turn-over.
Dr. Murad’s New Year Resolution: “The enemy of healthy skin surrounds us every day in the form of environmental aggressors such as pollution and the harmful rays of the sun. Protect your skin while providing the care and nurturing required for a healthy, youthful appearance by using a powerful broad-spectrum sunscreen with antioxidants every day.”


the facet that focuses on whole body health. By taking dietary supplements, eating water-rich raw fruits and vegetables and making physical activity part of your life, you can support the health and healthy function of every system in your body.
Dr. Murad’s New Year Resolution: “Replace at least one glass of water a day with a serving of raw fruits or vegetables. This way you’ll be able to stay hydrated significantly longer. Eating these foods will not only help your body hold onto water longer, you’ll get the added boost of important antioxidants, fibre and nutrients.”

Eat fruit and vegatables with high water content


FEELING BETTER THROUGH STRATEGIES FOR STRESS MANAGEMENT focuses on managing stress, pursuing your life’s passion, maintaining a healthy connection to yourself and your surroundings, and a positive social environment will improve your mental and physical health. Taking the time to take care of yourself and to find meaning and passion in your life is truly the key to living well, and when you feel well your skin glows.

treat your self to a Dr Murad facial

Dr. Murad’s New Year Resolution: “Your health and appearance are positively influenced by increasing your emotional and mental well-being.

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A visit to the spa is one of the best ways to promote stress relief and relaxation.”

Find out more about Dr. Murad facial treatments at The May Fair Spa

This is a guest Blog Post written by the team at Dr. Murad, to find out more out Murad skincare products and Dr. Murad’s philosophies, visit


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