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05 Aug 2013

Guest blog: Our 10 Top Tips for Organising a Successful Event 0  

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Planning an event is exciting and rewarding, but it can be difficult to know where to start and ensure that every detail goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve come up with ten top tips on how to make your event both successful and unforgettable:


1: It’s never too early to start planning

The success of any event lies in the detail and the planning. Large scale events can easily take a year or more to organise, so start as early as you can. It’s a good idea to create a comprehensive operational plan for your event, listing every single task that needs doing with a deadline and the person responsible.


2: Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to enlist help from as many friends, family or colleagues as possible. If possible, set up an Events Committee to organise the main aspects of the event, but keep committee numbers small or your meetings will go on for hours! You will also need plenty of additional help for the event itself.



Choose the right location

Spend time finding exactly the right location for the type of event you are organising. For example, if it’s an evening ball to be held in the summer, is it a venue with attractive gardens where you could hire a marquee? Is there enough space for everyone to sit down at a table, and is there plenty of parking? Make sure that you have covered every detail before you book.

Private Dining at The May Fair Hotel


4: Find your USP

The events market is increasingly competitive, so if you are selling tickets to your event it will need to offer something unique. If you are organising an outdoor music event, why not give it a traditional British seaside theme and hire deckchairs, with candyfloss and ice cream available? This event will instantly appeal to the whole family.


5: Check the date

Before you start to market your event, make sure that it doesn’t clash with other big local events, school holidays or major public holidays. It’s worth getting a few focus groups together to discuss the best date for your event too.


6: Marketing

You can organise the best event in the world but if you don’t market it effectively, no one will come! Think about your event’s ideal target audience and devise a marketing plan based on this audience – for example if it’s a music event aimed at younger people, social media, blogs, tweets and other forms of digital marketing will be ideal. For an older audience, web based marketing is still appropriate but include posters, flyers, press coverage and target local newsletters and parish magazines too. Don’t forget to find out how people heard about the event to help shape future marketing plans.


7: Managing your budget

Make sure that you fully understand all the costs involved in your event – venue, catering, hire of marquees, invitations, marketing etc. Build in an extra contingency for any unexpected costs, and keep a very close eye on your budget on the run up to your event. It’s often a good idea to source wine or other alcoholic drinks on sale or return in case you don’t sell as many drinks as expected.


8: Final touches

This is the fun part – depending on the nature of your event, final touches could include flowers, decorations, photo collages and guest books to capture the best moments of the day.

The May Fair Hotel


9: Hire a photographer

It’s essential to have a good quality photographer present at your event, both for guests to enjoy and also for future event marketing. Your local press may well be interested in covering your event, too, and will usually provide their own photographer.


10: Enjoy yourself!

Organising a successful event is a lengthy process, so once the day of the event has finally arrived try to relax and enjoy yourself! No event goes entirely to plan, but as long as you have a good risk assessment and contingencies in place, you will be able to deal with the unexpected.



Take the stress out of planning your event – contact our events team today and let our experience make your experience fantastic. We have a range of different private dining rooms to choose from – call us on +44 (0) 20 7915 3898 or email


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Posted in Guest blog, Parties and Events

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