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29 Jul 2013

Experience A May Fair Affair 0  

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Things happen in hotels. They are the hubs of cities. The places where stars stay, meetings take place, and life happens.

‘A May Fair Affair’ recognises this in a refreshing new way. While other hotels might choose to ignore this, with promises of escape and retreat, ‘A May Fair Affair’ embraces the fact that hotels are places of infinite possibilities, and invites you to explore them.

Vintage Wedding at The Mayfair Hotel

It recognises a fundamental truth – that time spent in a hotel is a portion of your life you’ll never get back. We think this is an investment that deserves a return. So at The May Fair, we do more than just offer great hospitality. We broker exceptional time.

The May Fair is a hotel unique in its ability to facilitate new experiences – to stage great life moments. It’s a place to meet and explore new possibilities; from the intimate to the extravagant; from the physical to the aesthetic. It’s a place of encounters – with people, with textures, with sounds, with scents, even with new ideas.

It’s the beginning of another small adventure you’ll just have to tell someone about.

The Mayfair Hotel Junior Suite

It’s another May Fair Affair – an affair that might finish when you check out, but will never really end.

Every May Fair Affair is an unforgettable encounter, from Bob Dylan’s 1966 all-nighter with The Beatles, to a Penthouse transformed as a golf course nine floors above the streets of Mayfair (there’s not a lot that can’t be done here!) And now, acclaimed photographer, David Drebin, opens the doors on nine more May Fair Affairs.

Take a look.



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Posted in General Manager posts, News & events

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