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12 Feb 2013

Catch up with Anthony: February 2013 1  

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Happy New Year! Just checking that you guys are alive out there after the holiday period? I hope you had some time to relax and have fun with family and friends.

Well I’m back in the driving seat and its business as usual – and that could be a dangerous thing because here at The May Fair it usually means having a hell of a lot of fun.

All the planning that has gone into the coming month will be coming out in true colour soon kicking off with fashion week next week. The team have been amazing in coming up with some creative ideas yet again – but then what would you expect from The May Fair!

We kick off London Fashion Week on Friday 15th February and we have our windows being designed this season by Manolo Blahnik. Of course I know how much you girls would die for a pair of his shoes, well they are going to be dangling in front of you in a very creative scene in our windows, which will be launched on Wednesday (13th February). Should you be passing, come by and have a look – I can’t wait. I almost want my own pair, but that might be going too far!

Inspired by beautiful shoes, The May Fair Bar has come up with a set of cocktails to celebrate London Fashion Week as we did last season. The Red Stiletto, the Velvet Mule, the Peep Toe, the Classic Court, the Mary Jane – I would have loved to know who she was, and the Strappy Sandal. These are cocktails which are absolutely delicious and designed to lift your spirits.

The Mary Jane Cocktail

The Mary Jane cocktail at The May Fair Bar

Quince Bar has also come up with its own version of fun with the Aphro-tea-siac Afternoon Tea. You have a choice – Mild or Intense. It certainly made me smile and I just wondered if there was a more Intense version than Intense, but hey you can’t have everything! The tea comes with a selection of canapés so if you want to try one – or both – book now. You can always come to the Cigar Room afterwards.

The Cigar Room has been a real success so far – fireplaces, heaters, Martini trolley, and the lovely Jessica singing live jazz on several evenings of the week. We’d love to see you, so pop in and don’t miss out. I can guarantee you will have fun and enjoy yourself.

Cigar Room

The Cigar Room

We romantic Brits mustn’t forget about Valentine’s Day. There’s always that last minute panic of what on Earth you’re going to do present-wise. Don’t worry we have a solution, of course we do, we’re here to make you look good and feel good.

We have the Runway Ready Facial in our spa – perhaps you would like to give that as a present but it may back fire! How about the Catwalk Wrap instead, designed to help you lose inches? On the other hand that might also backfire!

We men can’t do anything right can we?! Looking at that wrap, I may book myself in to lose a few inches after my travels in Asia over Christmas – more about that in a minute.


How about some of our amazing suites? Two in particular are an absolute dead cert, no matter what. If you look at some of our suites on the website, they are so creative. The Schiaparelli Suite is for pink-lovers and you can be sure that a stay in there will go down a treat, whatever intention you have.

Schiaparelli Suite

The Ebony with its TOTO technology means you can have whatever colour bath you want and a shower that talks to you in 8 languages. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t change the voice to say ‘You’ve missed a bit’ as you get out of the shower. I’m working on it; let’s just say it’s a project still in the planning!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic time over January and let us enjoy February together here at The May Fair with all that’s going on. You will not fail to have a great time.

For those of you hardy people that continue to cycle in or come in by motorbike, here’s one of the tips I picked up from travelling in Asia in the photo below. All I can say is that the goat grips on for dear life and keeps you warm – that’s what I call a life time guarantee!

This season’s must-have fur!

Just a thought!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Warm wishes

Anthony Lee

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  • March 8, 2013 Victoria

    Lovely to see you are continuing with the themed cocktails for fashion week. It was so fun to design and promote a special cocktail during fashion week there for my PR project!

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