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14 Aug 2012

Catch up with Anthony: Summer 2012 4  

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So – It’s been a while since my last blog. What trouble have I been getting in to? If you’ve been following us on Twitter then you would have seen that we’ve had at least 4 premieres since my last blog, one of them was Magic Mike.

Well, my office is above the flags at The May Fair and I could see a gathering of wild women outside. If you have ever seen the film by Hitchcock ‘The Birds’ – you start with one or two on the line and you end up with hundreds. Thousands of women had to be fenced off by the security supplied! I won’t tell you exactly what happened but one of the cast came down in a bathrobe and the screams went to fever pitch! For those of you who may have seen films of The Beatles in the 60’s I would say the noise level was on a par with that. Anyway – that went off a treat as did many of the other premieres.

My trip to the Middle East was a success – 6 cities in 7 days going in dry and coming out wet (no alcohol in Saudi!). The transit to Kuwait was interesting as the security decided to pick on me coming through customs asking me where I had come from, where I was going to (pretty obvious) and why. My answer to him was from Jeddah to Kuwait because it’s too cold in Jeddah!…only 42C degrees in Jeddah and a nice comfortable 48C degrees in Kuwait. It took him a few minutes before he smiled. We ended up in Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi back to Dubai and then back to rainy London! Dubai was alive and kicking after four years of recession and an incredible city to enjoy should you have that opportunity.

So what’s new? A treat for those of you ladies with a growing appetite for cigars and for those of you that don’t smoke, the 14 signature martinis will go down a treat in our new Cigar Room (my favourite is definitely the Rococo Chocolate Martini).

Cigar Room

We have the most incredible team who are all cigar sommeliers, 98% of our cigars are Cuban and we will have regular visits by a Cuban expert to roll the cigars in front of you where you can then purchase and smoke it.

There’s been a huge increase in ladies enjoying cigars and that’s exactly who we’re aiming at. If you don’t like the enormous amount of whiskeys or cognacs we have to offer, don’t worry! Champagne is on tap should the martinis not work for you.

The Cigar Room design is stunning, sensually exciting and if you can combine it with a premiere it’s the perfect cialis 20mg preis schweiz end to a fabulous day.

Quince Restaurant has a great summer menu and we are intending to launch a new one for the autumn. The May Fair Bar is always a sure bet to have fun in and enjoy. Mojitos are the favourite and we have some extremely exciting plans to up the tempo from the second week of September – don’t miss out!

Having just completed our own Olympics by taking care of a full hotel I can only admire the team here for winning a ‘Platinum’ medal and we are now looking forward to the Paralympics. That one will be amazing and what is best dose of cialis the whole atmosphere in the hotel is just exhilarating.

London Fashion Week is coming up from the 14th September and you’ll see some interesting window displays again this year from some of the new upcoming designers. We’ll also have live broadcasting of the catwalk shows as they happen. So if you’re passing by The May Fair and you’re looking in, watch out because it’s happening here. Anything that’s fashion in London lives at The May Fair. We will have a London Fashion Week cocktail which we are currently testing out now! I am delighted to be part off the tasting commitee! I dare you to come and try one.

We have also just added another Signature suite to our range which is called The Ebony. Now that is a wow! You india online pharmacy can see it on our website – please go and have a look. It has been designed in conjunction with ToTo – the bathroom people with the absolute latest technology.

One of the things we can boast about is the £25,000 toilet! You wouldn’t think that a toilet could be so exciting. Trust me – it’s worth every penny. The bathroom itself is sensational with both basins and bath formed of translucent materials. At the touch a button you can choose any colour you wish and the basin will blow from blue to red depending on the temperature of the water. Cool? Yes! Fun? Absolutely! Communication is always king…even at home. So if your wife has chosen red as the translucent colour, get the message and don’t go there!

Ebony Suite

By viagravscialis-best the end of the year we will have started our Penthouse project and we will be producing one of the top penthouses anywhere in London. I won’t tell you too much about it yet but it’s going to be something you will love.

After all the exotic countries I have cialis 5 mg every day been to on my travels, would you believe I got bitten whilst in my garden in Chiswick! We don’t know by what yet but it definitely wasn’t anything with two legs! If I was going to get bitten I would have liked to have something a bit more exciting on my neck but no…I got it on the elbow. However ending up spending a long weekend in the local specialised A&E unit, I made a lot of new friends!

How do I look? (I’m the one on the left!) Not as glamorous as Rihanna (the viagra online canada one on the right!) and unfortunately not for the same reasons either!

Anthony in hospital

I am back to full rude health and hope to see you soon at The May Fair,

Anthony Lee

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Posted in Celebrity Reporter, General Manager posts


  • October 7, 2012 Simon Warr

    I just stayed at your hotel and was very disappointed. Check-in was inefficient, unhelpful and rude. Check-out was equally poor. I won’t be back nor recommending it to anyone else.

  • October 11, 2012 The May Fair

    Hi Simon

    We’re so sorry you didn’t have a good experience. Anthony will be emailing you separately about your stay

    The May Fair team

  • October 15, 2012 Gary Hatton

    Please have Anthony contact me as I have had a terrible experience at your hotel. To make matters worse, it is still on-going and I am very disappointed with the cutsomer service I am still receiving via emails.

  • October 19, 2012 The May Fair

    Hi Gary

    Thank you for your comment and we’re sorry this situation has not been resolved for you. Anthony will be in touch with you via email

    The May Fair Team

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