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16 Apr 2012

Guest Blog: Marathon Survival Guide by our Personal Trainer Stuart Green 0  

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The dreaded Iliotibial Band. The ITB is a large thick band of connective tissue that links the pelvis to the knee. It adds some stability to the knee and hip when we stand on one leg, so pretty important in runners. Often the ITB can become tight when a runners glutes (Butt Muscle) do not work properly.

This is due to the overcompensation of the ITB when there is weakness of the Glute max and medius muscles both which are important in hip and knee stability.

Over time and as the miles ramp up the ITB can become over used and often cause back lateral knee pain as well as patella tracking issues.

Marathon Surival GuideIf you do suffer from knee pain or just running plenty of miles I suggest you try the following self massage technique to ease the effort on the ITB. Start at the bottom of the thigh just above the knee and roll with your body weight through the roller until you reach the pelvis. Repeat but always from the bottom.


Marathon Surival Guide


I would then also introduce the Hip Extension exercise to help get your glutes working properly so we can give the poor ITB a little break….. Perform 12-15 hip raises squeezing your bottom as hard as you can at the top for 3 seconds.

You should feel this through the bottom. If you feel it more through the hamstrings this suggests severely weak glutes.

Stuart Green is a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer at The May Fair. Over his 13 year career he has helped many people overcome back pain and other sports injuries. He has developed a reputation for helping people achieve the body they want with safe and effective exercise routines, so that they work not only on posture correction but on creating lean and long bodies.

Find out more about Stuart and book your personal training session now – call our team on +44 (0) 20 7915 2826, email or visit our London spa website.

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Posted in Guest blog, Spa & Gym

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