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28 Feb 2012

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Well I can’t remember the last time I did an update on the blog and I’m sure you’ve been thinking I’ve gone AWOL – nice wish, unfortunately not. Having got Christmas over and done with, my wife has inflicted a diet on me. I’ve grown my beard a little bit and I might have been mistaken for Santa Claus if I wore red over Christmas but looking forward to the diet!

Here we are in February, almost in March with Spring weather – I’m not kidding you in Richmond Park over the weekend there were picnics going on with people in T-Shirts – how mad is that! Anyway, what is going on here at the May Fair? Well if you haven’t been here, then you’re missing out.

Every Sunday for the last couple of weeks and for the next couple of weeks at least we have the infamous Jade Williams otherwise known as Sunday Girl playing in our May Fair Bar from around 8pm onwards. So if you’re getting the blues just thinking about that Monday morning feeling, come in and cheer yourself up in the May Fair Bar on Sunday night – it’s a blast and you’re going to have some serious fun.

For those of you that are car enthusiasts (like me) we have the Dodgeball Winter Rally kicking off here on Wednesday 29th outside the May Fair. You will hear the cars start up within a mile I’m sure. If you are actually in the May Fair itself, you will see all 15 supercars lined up outside for the rally and they are travelling all the way down to Switzerland for the race. Have fun, have a look – I think they’re probably going to get ticketed up and the traffic wardens will certainly have fun tomorrow.

We’ve just finished London Fashion Week and I’ve come back from a day trip to New York for a presentation. Following that we had a four day conference in the Bahamas – now to try and get that one across to someone who doesn’t believe you working in the Bahamas, is a difficult one. Personally I’d have rather we were in Chicago with minus 20 outside instead of being fed air con whilst wearing a suit and watching people go down to the beach in their flip flops – that’s a painful experience in itself!

However the conference was successful, the presentation was successful and it was right in the middle of New York Fashion Week. Once I was back in London it was literally out of the frying pan and into the fire, the city was absolutely brimming with the latest designs. The May Fair is of course the heart and centre for London Fashion Week and it was all happening here. Hopefully some of you enjoyed the buzz with our Felder Felder windows and the catwalk shows being streamed live onto the walls.

Personal shopping has never been better

Personal shopping has never been better!

If you are an ‘egg hunter’, you will no doubt know about the 200 Faberge eggs that have been planted around London. Now we have one which I personally think is an absolute wow. It’s by Mary Katrantzou and it’s in our window so if you

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accumulating locations for eggs, come and accumulate an egg at The May Fair with a good drink. It’s not only visually fantastic but it’ll add towards the big prize if you are working towards that. Good luck!

Coming up soon, we are opening the Cigar Room at The May Fair. This we hope to open in April/May and it will be a stunning addition to our drinking venues. You will have a choice of 150 for Champagne, The May Fair Bar (which is a wow as well, as all of you should know – if not don’t make me hunt you down!), Quince Bar, which is also gaining reputation, (so much so that we are extending it into Quince Salon) and the Salon will act as a holding bar for the main cigar room. It is a stunning design with extraordinary materials like chainmail – yes chainmail! Broken tiles, hanging fireplaces, hanging gardens and we are also having people flown in from Cuba to roll the cigars for you. There are also cigar lockers for the top 30 loyal regulars who love to enjoy life; they will be able to store their favourite liquor and cigars (of course, bought from us) so they can come back and enjoy the experience time and time again. So look out for this in May – come and see it, don’t believe anything I tell you.

Condé Nast Travel+Leisure voted our Schiaparelli Suite one of the most exciting suites in London a couple of months ago (you’ll be able to see it on our website) however since then we haven’t stopped there. We’ve recently launched a new Signature suite called the Ebony Suite so once you see the photography (being done this month), you will literally be blown away by the design and innovation.

Lastly to finish off London Fashion Week, I was kindly invited by Samantha Cameron to 10 Downing Street to celebrate London Fashion Week. It’s great to see London fashion so well supported, right from the top. David Cameron was there with his children and it was a real family occasion. It was lovely to see Anna Wintour again, Anna Orsini (who is absolutely wonderful) and I also bumped into a couple of senior directors from Toni & Guy. This was to my absolute advantage as I gave them the impossible problem of looking after my hair. They’ve taken on what I call the ‘Anneka Challenge’ – I don’t know if they will succeed or not, all I know is that I’m in the best hands and that’s all you can wish for.

How's my hair?

How’s my hair?

Looking forward to seeing you here, I’ll let you know how I get on with my hair – or you can come and see it for yourself and give me your opinion (trust me; all comments will be taken constructively!)

Have fun and see you soon

Anthony Lee

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