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01 Feb 2012

Guest blog: Get fit for Golf with Stuart Green, Personal Trainer 0  

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Golf is an athletic event. This may sound surprising but during the golf swing you can achieve up to 90% of peak force production. Put another way, each shot is equivalent to lifting a weight 4 times before complete fatigue. Now consider how often you strike a ball during a round of golf.

Research by the Titliest Performance Institute has shown that more than 65% of players lose their posture during their golf swing, which they correlated with inconsistency and loss of distance. Both characteristics that we want to improve.

So if you want to:
STOP early extension during your down swing (64.3% of players)
HAVE better shoulder plane alignment in the downswing
HAVE greater coil at the top of the back swing, which means greater power
STOP casting of the arms (56% of players)

Why not take advantage of the FREE 15 min golf screen to see if you have any of the physical limitations that are linked to the above? Call The May Fair Spa and Gym now to book an appointment on +44 (0) 20 7915 2826.


More about our Personal Trainer Stuart Green:

Stuart’s deep interest in achieving the most for his clients and thirst for knowledge led him to study a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science and then further his education with a MSc. in Exercise Science.

Over his 13 year career he has helped many people overcome back pain and other sports injuries. He has developed a reputation for helping people achieve the body they want with safe and effective exercise routines, so that they work not only on posture correction but on creating lean and long bodies.

His development has been supplemented by close study with Consultant Neurosurgeons at the London Spine Clinic. This close mentoring has enabled him to successfully treat many spinal disorders with a particular interest in spondylolisthesis and SIJ dysfunction. His unique expertise has also been sought by surgeons and individuals wanting successful rehabilitation after spinal surgery, including miscrodiscectomy, laminectomy as well as lumbar fusions.

His love for golf led him to study Golf Biomechanics and performance conditioning both at the Titliest Performance Institute and the CHEK Institute. This has led Stuart to be the man that both PGA Tour Professionals and amateurs golfers turn to when they want to improve their golf fitness and get them back to playing quicker after injury.

Why not call The May Fair Spa and Gym on +44 (0) 20 7915 2826 now to book a session with Stuart? Find out more about our personal training sessions or our luxury spa treatments.

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