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01 Aug 2011

Catch up with Anthony: Summer news 0  

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Some of you might have wondered where I’d disappeared to after my last blog at the end of May; I’ve certainly been very busy! Here we are a couple of months on and I remember talking about Quince and its soft opening stage. Well, seven weeks into full operation and it’s been a fantastic success. Silvena Rowe has been doing an amazing job, (you saw her picture next to my bulldog – I can tell you which one looks prettier and certainly which one is easier to work with!)

Anthony's new bulldogI have never dined so much at lunchtime in my life; some of you might have seen the reviews. We take the punches as they come in but 90% of the reviews have been absolutely amazing and that’s thanks to the team here. So I challenge you all to come in, try it for yourself – don’t believe a word I tell you. However for me there is no way around this one and hence my pre-planning of our fantastic new gym that is now up and running with the latest equipment. I need to get on those machines and try them out, just as I have tasted Quince; I need to taste the gym which is something more mind over matter, but a necessity nonetheless.

We’ve also had another press evening at 150 at The May Fair, our magnum champagne bar, which went down an absolute treat so again it’s between the devil and the deep blue sea whether you want to enjoy life with the champagnes and the fabulous tempting bites you get at 150 versus being able to sustain that lifestyle by working out at the gym. Anyway, we can always help you do that.

We’ve had an exciting launch of a concept called Art on the Atrium which is us getting closer to the art world. We have had amazing artists show their pieces and art collectors in to have a look and buy art one evening over champagne and cocktails. This has started a trend that we want to continue every couple of months. We’ll identify up-and-coming artists who may be the future Van Goghs of the world and sponsor them and allow them to show their art on the atrium and get people to come in and have a look. So again, a concept that is a little bit different but then we always like to be, and you will have a chance to view the next round starting in September or October this year.

150 at The May FairTalking about September we have the BFC, the British Fashion Council, launching their new collection (we are the main sponsor) and we’re excited as we get closer to that in mid-September. This is always an incredible period to see what’s going on in the lobby area of The May Fair. We’ll be projecting live catwalk shows on to the walls and we have a very special display that’s going to be shown in the windows this year. I won’t say more than that but if you are passing by, have a look in and enjoy – however, even better come in and be part of it.

In October London will enjoy the BFI Film Festival, the British Film Institute, and we are the main sponsors – I’m looking forward again to 10 days of red carpet treatment here and in Leicester Square. So if you’re around and wondering what to do, don’t look any further, come and see us – it’s definitely all happening at The May Fair.

From Silvena ‘woof’, from the bulldog ‘come and eat’ and from me ‘see you soon’!

Anthony Lee

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Posted in General Manager posts

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