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29 Jun 2011

Guest Blog: Linnéa Götstav, jewellery designer from Renaissance Life 1  

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This week we met up with Linnea from Renaissance Life to hear all about her jewellery and how London Jewellery Week went. Thanks Linnéa!

Describe your work…
The jewellery I create is magical, playful and often possible to open. Many of the pieces are symbolic – our signature pieces are the Secret heart with a box “year 1952” that captures a message inside and the Swedish-Russian doll “year 1983” that contains a smaller doll inside which reveals a small silver plated heart necklace.
All my designs are inspired by a year with a story to tell. The lines are very clean and quite Scandinavian I guess ; ) – The material I use for Renaissance Life’s collection is silver, gold and silver plated brass and on occasion stones hand-picked from the Swedish ocean.
I get my inspiration from the past, the present and the future. It begins with a poem, a quote or an event and from these diverse stories the jewellery takes shape.

Renaissance Life JewelleryHow did London Jewellery week go?
The week was amazing and being a part of Treasure was very special! The exhibition Treasure was very vibrant and lots of renowned jewellery designers and new talents participated. For everyone in the jewellery industry in London, the jewellery week is something you look forward to and this year I met wonderful people that I will remember forever…

What jewellery trends do you see coming?
The main trend within fashion is the jewellery and it is the jewellery that makes the final impact. Jewellery and accessories have become a major part of our everyday outfits and it is something that people value more and more.

People are looking for unique pieces and pieces that have a story behind them. It is very important for consumers today to know the designer and the idea behind the collections. If you like the concept and the philosophy, many people would like to indulge in the spirit of the brand.

I even met a girl the other day that told me that her friend was obsessed with Renaissance Life and she is collecting pieces from the collections!

Do you wear your own jewellery pieces?
Yes of course! Many designers say that they do not want to wear their own pieces as people can associate them with the specific style of the piece. For me, it’s totally opposite, I do not see it in that way at all, and I cannot be without them, the more I wear the jewellery it becomes a part of myself.


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I wear the pieces I often think about the stories they have to tell and that gives me a feeling for the day! I hope other people that wear Renaissance Life´s jewellery feel similar to me, and feel the love we put into all the pieces. The jewellery I have from the current and previous collections are very valuable to me and every single one makes me feel in a different way.

Have some celebrities worn you pieces?
Yes a few actually ; ) During the last month we have had lots of request from celebrities. Our pieces were on a celeb shoot in LA and one week ago a girl from Britain’s Next Model used the pieces in a shoot in North London. A while ago I also got a picture sent to me featuring a girl that had made a tattoo of our wing year 2012, crazy isn’t it?!

What are you most proud of?
First of all, that we were selected Rising Star in Retail Jeweller; the leading jewellery magazine in the UK. Secondly, I am proud of that we are launching in Harrods and John Lewis, despite being only 2 years since we started the business! The new collection will be available from John Lewis Online, Creadle and Oxford Street in August as well as in the jewellery department at Harrods.

But there is so much more that I would like to achieve and I hope the proudest moments for Renaissance Life are yet to come! Dreams are real, you must believe in them!

Check out Linnéa’s designs at

If you missed London Jewellery Week don’t worry, your next big fashion moment is coming up in September with London Fashion Week. As the official hotel partner to London Fashion Week, The May Fair will be a the forefront of the action so stay tuned!

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