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26 May 2011

Catch up with Anthony: News from L.A 0  

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Well the good news is that they let me out of LA and here I am back to London – big culture shock. However, was the trip great? Yes. We did the same pattern as in New York and covered the travel press and corporate offices. Of course corporate out there means the big film studios and Valerie, who is our West Coast girl, did a fantastic job of trying to keep me in check. She just about kept me legal out there and we were extremely well received.

Of course, going out to the US the week after the royal wedding, I kept up my British accent but removed my stiff upper lip when we went in to visit some of the biggest travel agencies in the US. We’re going into a consortium called Signature. A lot of you may not know about that, and wouldn’t need to anyway, but it’s a consortium that will give us a huge amount of exposure to the top travel agents in the US and then a lot more people from the US won’t be missing out on staying with us and enjoying all that we have to offer.

Silvena RoweSome of the exciting things that we were telling everyone about in L.A are starting to happen. Quince is in its soft opening now and we had our first breakfast there the other day which went extremely well. That restaurant is going to be absolutely amazing. Any of you reading this blog, from the 7th June onwards – you guys need to make a reservation and come and experience Quince – especially the chef’s table where you’ll get Silvena’s personal touch and you’ll never forget that, trust me.

We talked in L.A about the May Fair and we described it as an urban resort. What I mean by that is that it’s a number of different experiences. So whether it’s 150 at The May Fair where you can pop in for your Champagne fix or the May Fair Bar for a bit of fun, or if you want something more sophisticated in Quince Bar and you should see the barman there…girls, if you’re not in there you are missing out! Then there’s the restaurant and the cigar bar above it – it’s all coming.

We visited a lot of the studios in L.A from Paramount to Universal to Spyglass MGM and we were extremely well received. They loved the ideas that we’re putting into this hotel – so much so that we have got a couple of very exciting films locked in for this autumn. I can’t tell you the names but they are very well known. That will be kicking off in November when some of the teams and the star players will be actually staying with us – carrying on our film connections and our relationships.

Funny enough, after having lunch with one of the owners of one of the important department stores on Rodeo Drive, remember Pretty Woman, well I got lost trying to find the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel. I knew it was round the corner so I asked a couple of pretty ladies for directions – of course, they gave it to me in one: ‘Down to the corner and turn left at Jimmy Choo, after 50 metres go right at Valentino and take another left at Christian Louboutin and it’s right there by Prada’ – what great directions, here we’re always using pubs.

To cap it all we stayed at the London hotel in Los Angeles

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and they’ve got arguably one of the best rooftop pools and entertaining decks. You’ve got a 360˚ view of L.A and we did a lot of entertaining and parties up there. Everyone from the film industry to the press we took them up there and one of their signatures is the English bulldog. I just loved it – so much so that I bought one and packed it up and took it home with me. Now you would have to touch its tongue to realise that it’s not real, it’s so lifelike.

Anthony's new bulldog

I’ve always had an argument with my other half who is just as busy as me and loves English bulldogs, but we don’t have time to look after one. They smell, they chew, they snore and they slobber so the solution was to buy this one and I’ve agreed that I’ll do the rest!

Anyway, it’s great to be home and I’m now coming back down to Earth with all the catching up.

Don’t miss out, come and have some fun at The May Fair

Warmest wishes

Anthony Lee

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