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16 May 2011

Fire in Babylon Premiere with Revolver Entertainment 0  

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Last Monday the long awaited Fire in Babylon Premiere hit the big screen in Leicester Square and we were proud to be one of the partners!

The West Indies rose to dominate world cricket in the late 70’s and 80’s, helping in the battle against racial prejudice and the struggle for black rights. Here’s what film-lovers at ‘Revolver Entertainment’ had to say about the film:

‘In a turbulent era of apartheid in South Africa; race-riots in England and civil unrest in the Caribbean, the West Indian cricketers struck a wonderfully defiant blow at the forces of white prejudice world-wide. Told from a West Indian perspective, in their own words, this story celebrates the emancipation of a people through sport, whilst painting a fascinating picture of this extraordinary era of sporting dominance and its roots in politics, pride, anti-colonial fury and music.

With Caribbean flair, fearless spirit and a thumping reggae beat, they hijacked the genteel game of the
privileged elite and replayed it on their own terms.’

Check out what happened at the premiere:

Why not have your own private premiere at our screening room? Call our events team on +44 (0) 20 7915 3898 or email

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