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23 Nov 2010

Catch up with Anthony Lee: November 2010 0  

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On the first cialis dosage how much to take of our regular blog posts with new General Manager Anthony Lee, we find out what our favourite chocolate addict has been up to in the buy viagra canada past week. canadian pharmacy cialis Thanks Anthony, we look forward to hearing all the gossip in your weekly Catch up with Anthony.

“Well I’ve continued to get into trouble every day this week doing my full daily tours. I’ve been chatting to the press about how I’ve been changing the beds with maids, taking out the rubbish and talking to the cardboard compressor – and it’s true! (I should have a pedometer to prove it…not that that would help my diet)

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Anthony Lee in action at The May Fair hotel
I’m not a man to be messed with…but I know my place between Mary and Matilda!

And talking of diets, I had an important lunch to host this week with a couple of executives. The wonderful Silvena Rowe was cooking and she certainly made some true delights that you can all look forward to in the New Year once we open Quince. Definitely the taste of good things to come! That said, our Hotel Head Chef Bert is also out to catch me with some of his delights too! Basically there is no hope if you think you are going to lose weight!

Suffice to say that the way to a man’s cheapest us online pharmacy heart is well and truly through his stomach, and Silvena has confirmed this through and through (I am a very happily married man though might I add).

Another highlight of my week was something I was forced into doing – recommended if you are under stress and have no time like me. I had the hot stone massage and let’s just say if that doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will. It felt absolutely fantastic, not knots but boulders were eased through my shoulders. After the treatment I felt so relaxed my PA took full advantage, planting everything that needed to be signed in front of me without hesitation.

After nine days of back to back interviews with different members of the press all our hard work culminated in a Penthouse party for between 120-140 top journalists. Everyone did a fantastic job and I could go to sleep happily knowing that I’d done a lot of damage – there’s no question that we’re gaining traction here. The journalists were feverish with excitement and a few commented that The May Fair is definitely THE hotel to watch.”

See you next week,

Anthony Lee

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Posted in General Manager posts

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