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15 Oct 2010

Skin care products at The May Fair Spa 0  

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This week we are in the calming oasis of The May Fair’s London spa chatting to Asa Klasson about the best skin care products and Asa’s top tips for an easy routine that you can stick

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to at home.

“We work with the cosmoceutical brand Dr Murad here, so we talk a lot about internal skin care as well (

My top 3 tips on skin care would be:

– Have a regular but easy skin care routine. Something that will only take you a couple of minutes, but never skip it (no sleeping in your makeup). It is important that you have the correct products, so go and get a professional skin analysis.
– Eat your water (veggies and fruits) to keep your cells plumped up and strong.
– Take a daily supplement that suits your skin and make sure it includes Omega 3 and 6.

London spa skincare productsSkincare products don’t have to be complicated to use. You just have to find the correct ones for your skin.

– Use a cleanser that makes you feel absolutely clean but doesn’t dry out your skin.
– Use a “step 2” product like a serum or other treatment to work on your goal. It can be firming, soothing, lightening, or whatever your concern may be.
– Use a good face cream to protect and moisture your skin. It should make you feel moisturized all day without leaving an oily surface.
– If you are over 25 years old it is time to start using an eye cream.

A range that we have that suits most skin types is the Dr Murad Essential C range with vitamin C. It is lightening, brightening and works on small wrinkles. Plus it’s very fresh! Perfect for a city skin or someone who feel that their skin is a bit dull. Also perfect if you have sun damage.

For someone who has not had a facial before I think it is important to get a tailor made facial with a skin analysis(the May Fair facials are ideal), and to get some recommendations for products and internal skincare.”

Thanks Asa, some great tips for getting the most out of your skincare products. To find out more about the May Fair Spa, call us on +44 (0)20 7915 2826 or email

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