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19 Aug 2010

Mini bars – essential item or 80’s throwback? 1  

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Here at The May Fair we love style, so making our hotel rooms at the forefront of not only fashion but also eco-friendly business practise is at the heart of what we do.

Speaking to in-house interior designer Michael Attenborough this week, we’ve hit a conundrum – mini bars. Mini bars in hotel rooms have been a given in 5 star establishments, but we’re falling out of love. This energy guzzling beast eat up thousands of kilowatts every year and pumps out a whole lot of heat that’s going against our environmentally friendly conscience.

So what do you think? Is having a mini bar at the top of your must-have list? Or perhaps instead of whipping out a mini whisky you prefer to order it from 24 hour room service…

It’s not just mini bars on our radar though, here’s some more of those features that have got us in a muddle;

Using the television to display our welcome message. You know we love you – do you need it on the TV?

Mini jam jars. You know those cute little jars of your favourite spread at breakfast, well what’s wrong with just taking what you need from a big pot? Think of all that wasted glass.

Trouser presses and kettles. We can iron your trousers for you and make a perfect cup of tea, so is this an essential in your room?

So please tell us, what would you like to see? Or click here to find out more about our commitment to responsible business.

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Posted in Responsible Business

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  • August 19, 2010 Mara

    Love your thinking. Definitely agree about the mini bar and TV welcome display, but I definitely still need the iron in the room. Would like the kettle as well, but could live with out it.

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