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22 Jul 2010

Suite life on the 7th floor 0  

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Our suites are infamous for their design – from the hot pink Schiaparelli to the cool calm Penthouse, here at The May Fair we love being at the forefront of design. But what about staying in a suite? If you ever wondered how we

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prepare for your arrival, well here it is – a few of the questions we ask when you come to stay, and you thought this level of detail was just for superstars!

1. How many people will you be travelling with? (That’s your entourage darling, or maybe

just your mates)

2. Which magazines would you like in your suite? (Hello and OK are pretty popular)

3. What’s your favourite meal? (Chicken fingers for 50 Cent)

4. Should your favourite water be chilled or at room temperature?

5. What’s your favourite scent? (We ship over Glade candles in Clean Linen flavour for P Diddy)

6. What’s your favourite drink? (Shirley Bassey favours the classic Espresso Martini)

7. What type of pillow do you like?

8. What’s your favourite fruit? (Janet Jackson’s loves a bit of star fruit and blueberries)

9. What are your favourite snacks? (P Diddy loves Rowntree jelly with Red Carnation milk…anything goes here so don’t hold back!)

10. Any major phobias?…no only joking but definitely tell us about your allergies.

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Posted in Food & drink, Rooms & Suites

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